This Week in Elixir and Erlang #3

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This Week in Elixir and Erlang #3

Another week, another portion of Elixir and Erlang news and stories. Allow me to begin by two short personal updates.

First, I attended the second virtual edition of the ElixirConf EU conference. Conducting an event of this scale completely online is not an easy task, and the people behind it have done a great job. They deserve my respect! 👏 I am hoping that conference recordings get released soon, because there were several great talks I'd love to watch again.

Second, I published the first interview of a series called Elixir Community Voices. I'd love to meet the individuals and teams investing in Elixir and share their stories. If you have one that deserves to be told, please contact me.

Elixir Community Voices: Stanislav Bozhkov
Elixir Community Voices is a series of interviews with the people behind the Elixir and Erlang community. If you are an individual or a team investing in the Elixir ecosystem, I would love to hear and share your story.


Elixir v1.11 released
Elixir v1.11 is out with improvements to the compiler and tighter integration with Erlang/OTP

Community Voices


#016 Gleam, Games and Types with Quinn Wilton


Real time communication at scale with Elixir at Discord
A case study of how Elixir is being used at Discord.
Performance testing the JIT compiler for the BEAM VM | Erlang Solution blog
The JIT compiler is a huge addition to the BEAM community allowing for performance boosts ranging between 30 and 130%. In this blog, Lukas Larsson, one of the developers responsible for the introduction of the JIT compiler to the BEAM, walks us through the performance testing results in a RabbitMQ s…
Reaping the benefits of Elixir: how to get started - GOTOpia
Is Elixir the right tool for your job? Find the answer to that question from Sasa Juric, the author of “Elixir in Action”.
My first 3 months with Elixir
I’ve been learning Elixir on the side for the past 3 months. Here is the plan I’ve roughly followed. And my learning process.
Hassle free Testing Elixir modules in iEx shell
While working on Elixir project, we often test our functions or modules code in iex shell. Whatever change we make in our code, we fire iex -S mix command and all of our project modules are accessible in shell. Suppose, we have a module say Calculat...
Yet Another Guide To Build a JSON API with Phoenix 1.5