This Week in Elixir and Erlang #2

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This Week in Elixir and Erlang #2

I'll start this week's series with a shameless self-plug. I have recently built and released an alpha version of my first Phoenix LiveView app 🎉. I had been looking for a use case to demonstrate LiveView for quite some time, and finally found it as part of a simple, but compelling online challenge - AROUNDAWORLD.

The goal is simple: help humanity "walk" the distance of the Earth (yes, the whole 40,075 km) from the comfort of your home. A simple mouse move will drive the crowd forward. The end goal is ambitious, but we can totally reach it, if we work together. 2020 has been a year of distrust and loss of faith. I hope that my simple contribution will help to bring some of it back.

Thanks for checking it out! Now, back to the links and news.

Community Voices

Redix (a fast and resilient driver for Redis) reached v1.0.0


Devon Estes on how Architecture Is a Myth and One-file Design
There’s no difference between architecture and design. It’s all engineering and creating a distinction between the two. Today’s guest, Devon Estes provides a novel way of seeing design and architecture.
#015 Inside Elixir Radar with Hugo Baraúna


My Case for Erlang: Connecting Human, Reality and Computer
Kevin believes that the best way to problem solve in code is to approach it as we approach problem solving in reality. Erlang helps make this easy. Here’s how.
A Brief Guide to OTP in Elixir
Learn more about OTP, a set of tools and libraries that Elixir inherits from Erlang.
Performance of Elixir’s System.get_env/0 Function - Stratus3D
At work I was debugging a performance issue in one of our Elixir applications and stumbled across the strange implementation of Elixir’s …
I can do all things through Postgres: Lessons for the Elixir programmer
If you have even a cursory knowledge of the Bible, you might recognize that tongue-in-cheek title paraphrased from Philippians 4:13. While I chose it because I thought it was catchy, it is also fair…
Papercups | Coming to Elixir from TypeScript
Papercups is an open-source live chat widget. Chat with your customers to improve conversions and customer satisfaction.
Stupid solutions: Live server push without JS - Underjord
Building a blockchain in Elixir part-1
Blockchain is a technology that allows data to be stored and exchanged on a peer-to-peer (P2P) basis. Structurally, blockchain data can be consulted, shared, and secured thanks to consensus-based…
Elixir Powered Event Metrics
Knowing what previous actions a user has taken on our site allows for experimentation targeting and custom user interfaces but requires storing data points on the actions of millions of users. The…
Blazing with Phoenix: Project Structure
In this article, we’ll be using Phoenix, a web framework written in the Elixir programming language....