The question, dear reader, is for you to answer. Please, bear with me, will you?

I have been toying with the idea of writing a book about graphics programming using Go.

Really? Go?

In a field dominated by C/C++ since the beginning of time, Go seems like a completely non-obvious choice. The language is already doing great on the server-side or for building CLIs. Why make it do stuff that wasn't built for?

For the same reason that Minecraft originally got written in Java, and Unity made C# one of the most popular game development lanaguages around the world. Neither was designed with games or graphics in mind, but both led to tremendously successful products. While I don't imply that the next Minecraft will be built in Go, I don't exclude the option. For most operations that don't require real-time rendering of billions of pixels, Go might be the perfect choice.

Adding to the list of techniques that Go programmers already know and use, graphics programming can open up a whole new side of potential use cases and applications.

Last but not least, graphics programming is lots of fun. That's how I started in the early 2000s. The crave to build my own games and UIs was so big that it lit the spark of my later development career. I am sure that many of you would relate.

Excited already? Help me get started.

If I have somehow convinced you that writing this book makes sense, there is something you can help me with. Writing such a book is not a small endeavor and while I am eager to invest time and effort, I'd need to ensure that I at least cover my costs while doing it.

It's one thing to get excited about something, and quite another, to actually invest in it. While I can't ask for anyone to put their money up-front, I needed a sign to show me that there is solid interest in gettign this book out. I figured, If I could get a thousand people to donate the amount the amount of a cheap cup of coffee (1$) without obligations, I'd probably get them to buy the bok afterwards. Thus, I set up an experimental campaign, which anyone can participate in. Get me a cup of coffee, and help me bring this book to life!

Thanks in advance!