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Apps and Tools

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‎Data Jar
‎Data Jar is a data store designed to be used with Shortcuts. The data store lets you persist key-value pairs. If you have used dictionaries and lists in Shortcuts, then you’ll find that the data format used by Data Jar is very similar. - Extensive support for Shortcuts, enabling you to read and up…



I am a child of the 90s. Technically, I was born in 1987, but I spent much of my childhood and early teenage years during the 90s. As every kid of that era, I was mesmerized by early-age 3D games. During my growing up, there was no better example of what the digital future held for us, than Sony’s PlayStation. As a kid, I only wanted to play great games, and console makers seemed like the good guys making sure we get to play them. I never even realized how rivalry, fierce competition, and trickery tactics there were between Sony, Nintendo, and SEGA at the time. This mini podcast series pulls the curtain of the story behind the stage.

‎Business Wars: Nintendo vs Sony - Stabbed in the Back | 1 auf Apple Podcasts
‎Sendung Business Wars, Folge Nintendo vs Sony - Stabbed in the Back | 1 – 05.02.2020

Tips and Tricks

Browser Design Mode

Check this out:

As it turns out, setting document.designMode="on" in the browser’s console, will start a special mode on your browser, which allows you to edit any visible portion of any page. I have checked its existence on Chrome, Firefox, Brave (Chromium), and Safari. More of a visual gimmick than a really useful feature, if you ask me, but still, some people might find this useful.


Atoms Everyday Mask

Comfortable non-medical face mask made from a blend of Polyester, Nylon, and PU with copper fused thread. They are hand washable up to 30 times, after which they behave like a regular cloth mask, just the copper will have worn down. Each mask comes with a lanyard and a pouch for safe storage.