Yes, the current situation sucks. Big time. It’s not good for anyone. Least of all, for the ones fighting for their lives, and those, doing their best to bring things back to normal. It needs patience and coordinated effort, but we’ll make it through, sooner or later. Patience and perseverance are hard, I know, but those are what has kept humanity moving forward. They would do so, for generations to come. Also, the ability to adapt to a constantly changing environment.

I keep seeing people I follow, express disappointment with the current situation in social media. Not so much because of fear. More, because the measures to curb the outbreak, push people to step away from the comfort zone. As individuals, we have grown to protect what’s perceive as ours so much, that the mere act of doing something for the common good can cause a backlash.

Let me tell you a secret. This isn’t the first, and won’t be the last time that society faces a test of this kind. In markets, such phenomena are known as “corrections”. A very long upward run ends up with a shard downward move, only to start going up again. So is life. It has ups and downs. The general rule for living life is this: enjoy it while you’re up, but keep in mind that there will be a day when you’ll be down again. Also, don’t give up hope when you’re down. You’ll be up again soon enough.

The best we can do now (besides personal hygiene) is to swallow any pride and distance one another from social gatherings for some time. Whoever can study or work remotely, must absolutely do so. This isn’t a time to show heroism at school, or at work, because frankly, none of this actually matters. What matters is that the lives of others are above petty profits. Plus, social distancing is not about locking oneself down completely. Regular walking, and doing sports in the open are more than welcome. I personally keep my distance running routing. Only, not in places with lots of other people.

Moments like now are good for a reassessment of priorities, and for questioning the Status Quo. They confront the Old with the New, and put to the test much of what society takes for granted. As a technologist, I can’t help but ask myself a few questions. For instance, whether information technology really stands up to the promise of making our lives better. Whether solutions “powered by AI” can help us solve the difficult problems in life, or just drive up product sales. Whether “solutions” is what they really are, or simply, an individual’s pipe dream. Whether “remote work” was ever going to be the future, or just an employee perk for a privileged class of the workforce. Whether media omnipresence does us any good, or helps dig the trap deeper. The list goes on and on.

Not many have found a positive answer by now.

Keep being strong and healthy!