This is an answer, I wrote in response to a recent blog post by Erica Sadun:

My enemy the Minimap
The minimap is one of Xcode 11’s starring features. I know many people were excited for it at its debut but after months of exposure, I now just disable it in the Adjust Editor Options menu (…

Many people ignore a particular use of the minimap - understanding the complexity of some portion of the code, without having to look at each line. In most languages, complexity increases with the level of nesting of code. This is usually difficult to estimate when reading the code itself, since the brain is focused on what the code does, rather than how nested it is. By obscuring the text, and leaving only a bird’s-eye view of the layout, the minimap might help pinpoint parts of the code, needing improvement. It can be very helpful when working with someone else code, or with a code base, which you haven’t touched in a while.