If you put a frog in a frying pan, it will quickly jump out. Yet, if you put the frog in cold water and slowly heat, the frog will enjoy the warmth until it’s too late to escape.

We have all heard that story, but how many of us can admit that we play the frog on a daily basis? Especially at work, people tend to put a lot more focus on what they are working on and rather, avoid having a say on how the rest of the organization moves forward. This is all normal, and granted, traditionally not everyone has had the leverage to pull strings at the project or organizational levels. But IT startups are different, or they want us to believe that they are different. Therefore, when I see so many people in the IT industry changing jobs all the time, it makes me want to ask for the reasons. Money or titles are the usual answers, but I often sense there’s something deeper lurking behind. An inability to admit that, just like the frog, they have enjoyed the perks of the industry, not noticing how the organization had shifted in the meantime.

If you’re passionate about what you’re doing, you need to keep an eye on how things are changing around you. Don’t worry about leaving your comfort zone. Unless you actively speak up your mind, you’ll be forced to by the warm water becoming too hot to bear.

If you still fail to change things, you’ll know that you’ve tried at least. It’s never too late to change the train and start again. As Martin Fowler wrote once:

You can change your organization, or change your organization.