Today, I took part in the Sixtus Half-Marathon near lake Schliersee for the third time in a row. Unlike last year, this time I started with a completely different strategy - keep it cool and let everyone else pass by me during the first third of the race. Seeing everyone else’s backs can be demotivating and requires a lot of patience and training.

After the first 5-6K, having realized that I was really the last of the HM group, I started slowly picking up the pace. In no time, I started nearing the end of the group, and one by one, the people who went ahead at the start, were now looking at my back.

Although, I did not beat my PR of two years ago, I managed to beat my previous time on this course by 2 mins, and with a much better physical and mental condition at the end. i can say with a certainty that this was the first HM where I was not ready to give up everything at the 18th km, but clearly knew that I would finish the race. My strategy (start slowly, pick up later) has worked!

I want to thank my wife, and my best friends for the support, and for running along during a part of the race. You, guys are the best!!!