Developer Tool Tip: DevDocs

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Developer Tool Tip: DevDocs

Here is a handy developer tool tip for today: DevDocs

As developers, we spend a large portion of our time, searching for the "name of the function abc that did thing xyz". Not surprisingly, sites like StackOverflow have become so popular. Yet, SO answers are often full of additional information, and what we need most of the time is a simple search on top of the docs themselves. Years ago, I used a tool for macOS, called Dash. It was a good tool at the time, but eventually, I stopped using it, because it was accessing my (still spinning) HDD way too much at the time.

A couple of years ago, I discovered DevDocs.

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It is the same idea, but running on the Web (supports offline as well) and accessible from everywhere. It has been my primary go-to docs site for much of my non-library-specific stuff (programming language syntax, standard libraries, popular frameworks). The default selection of docsets is pretty satisfactory and there are many coming all the time. The real magic here is the search:

There are quite a few options for bringing DevDocs to your daily workflow. For instance, a VS Code plugin, an Alfred workflow, a desktop app, etc.