Introducing DevNotes

Got comments?

With a few short micro-post exceptions, my blog has been relatively quiet over the past month. The reason for this is simple. I have devoted much of my writing resources of the past weeks into a new site. A wiki called DevNotes.

That is right, I have started a separate writing project, parallel to my blog. Yet, before you start thinking that this is the end of the blog, don't worry. This is just the beginning. In fact, a big motivator for starting the second site in the first place was being able to collect more thoughts and ideas for further blog posts.

I will explain my reasons and thoughts in the following paragraphs, but without further ado, I wanted to introduce DevNotes to you. 🎉

So, why yet another site?

The reason is simple. I needed a format for collecting knowledge, which would allow me to gradually build things up, without having to wrap and release everything as a post every time. This is the main benefit that a wiki offers. A wiki evolves a topic gradually, sometimes, a single character at a time.

A wiki is a journey and not a destination. It has no beginning and no defined ending. A wiki gets constantly updated and its pages are not frozen in time. A wiki is therefore not something a reader can comprehend in a linear fashion, but rather, a collection of reference nature. One does not read a wiki, one stumbles upon a wiki when searching for information.

A blog is slightly different. A blog has a timeline, and its posts are complete snapshots of the author's thoughts on a certain topic, at a certain moment in time. Once written, blog posts themselves seldom undergo changes. If updates are necessary, a new blog post gets written, or a whole series of posts gets created, to expand on the topic. In a way, blog posts are destinations.

One problem with destinations is that it takes time to reach them. Another problem is figuring out if you have reached a destination or not. Ironically, often, the only way to know if you have reached a destination is reaching it first and reflecting upon this fact in retrospect.

Where am I going with this? I want to see this blog evolve and deliver knowledgeable content to my readership. Yet, first and foremost, I want to learn. I have said it many times, and it is worth repeating that I am my blog's primary user. If I need some information, I'd first search it on my blog, and if I can't find it, I'd make sure to write about it, so I can have a cache for the next time I need it. This is where the wiki really helps. It will allow me to work on a topic without having to put it in a dedicated blog post, until I have enough information to make the post well-rounded enough. This is especially helpful to my limited time schedule, because having the wiki, I can keep making sure that my knowledge is available online as soon as I obtain it, without having to write a dedicated blog post until I am ready.

I am expecting to see a lot of convergence between the blog and the wiki in the coming future.