First 21K for 2019

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Today, I finished my first 21K run for 2019. This move was partially inspired by the fact that I haven't really run a distance much longer than 10-15K for the last 6 months. The other part though, was that I got into a challenge with my colleagues, using a clever iOS app called Steps that just popped up on the horizon, and decided to beat my way up to the top. Long story short, I managed to do it, but it was mostly the 21K run that put the decisive drop in the bucket. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't have made it - not even keeping in mind that I exclusively walked to and from work for a couple of days last week. Either my colleagues move a lot, or I have become a lazy sloth, and something needs to be done there.

That I am a bit out of shape, is indicative of the fact that as I am writing this, a few hours after I finished my run, I still feel as if a truck has run over my body.

But it's also the thing that no matter how much one practices, the distance is still challenging enough for your body to feel the pain every time. When I started running, almost three years ago, the mere thought of me running a half-marathon was close to unreal. Fast forward to early 2019 and a almost ten complete half-marathons behind my back, I still get often get doubts around the half that I might not be able to finish.

It's...just...tough, but you gotta keep going 🏃

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