Walk, people, walk!

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Every day you manage to walk to and from your job, instead of driving or taking the public transport, is a day worth enjoying! Walk, people, walk!

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Joined the Alfred Club 🔍

Last week, I finally bought the full license for Alfred. I have been looking at Alfred for several years now, never really coming to the

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First 21K for 2019

Today, I finished my first 21K run for 2019. This move was partially inspired by the fact that I haven't really run a distance much

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It is like visiting your parents at your childhood home as an adult....

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John Gruber on the MacBook Keyboard

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RPC is "Fundamentally Flawed"...

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Old and New

Hidden from the glamor of Marienplatz' shopping streets, old and new architecture have found a way of peaceful co-existence.

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