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The first signs of Spring are here. Perhaps, too soon, but for whatever it's worth, enjoy the ☀️ while you can!

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Blogroll intro

I have started disrupting the "Medium effect" by building a "blogroll" the good old way - simply linking to blogs of friends that I follow.

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Re: Talk, Then Code

My response to Talk, then code by Dave Cheney: I cannot emphasize how important communication is in today's IT industry. In fact, if they paid

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Change the Default Working Directory in iTerm

iTerm protip: If it bugs you that every new side pane opens up in your home directory and not in

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It is like visiting your parents at your childhood home as an adult....

Jesse Squires describes his experience building an app for the Mac. In particular, the part about similarities between iOS and

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John Gruber on the MacBook Keyboard

John Gruber on the MacBook keyboard: I consider these keyboards the worst products in Apple history. MacBooks should have the

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RPC is "Fundamentally Flawed"...

From Martin Kleppmann's brilliant book Designing Data-Intensive Applications: "Although RPC seems convenient at first, the approach is fundamentally flawed.

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Old and New

Hidden from the glamor of Marienplatz' shopping streets, old and new architecture have found a way of peaceful co-existence.

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