If you are writing your first Medium post, eagerly hoping that you would earn an overnight readership by the thousands, you can simply forget it. This is most certainly not what is going to happen. That is, unless you are willing to submit your post to a publication.

I am not writing this to discourage anyone from writing, just the contrary. I would love to see more and more people write. Yet, you also have to know what you are getting into, when posting your stuff to Medium. Medium in 2019 is not at all what it used to be in 2013. I have touched upon this in my blog already.

The thing is that posting to Medium alone is not going to bring your writings they reach they deserve, and this is a mere fact of basic economics. With everyone posting to one platform, it inevitably loses the aura of exclusivity it once had. Without a way of clustering writings into themed collections (a.k.a. Publications), a potential reader would always end up choosing either the same thing, or something completely random.

Publications help solve this by providing a thematic stream, which appeals to a more targeted audience. The downside of having to use publications to get your opinion heard, is that your writings lose their identity and you also put yourself at the mercy of the publication's editors. If you don't believe me, try to get a writing of yours into HackerNoon and once it gets approved, read it again. You'll see what I mean.

Why am I ranting about all of this? Because, if a platform is going to profit on the back of you, the writer, you deserve to know it. If all of this channeling of your thoughts becomes too much, just get off the platform and start your own blog. Be genuine, and stay true to your heart.

Peace. ✌🏼