Dark Mode for the Web Using Dark Reader

Switch to using a dark UI everywhere, even when browsing your favorite Web pages.

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Dark Mode for the Web Using Dark Reader

Besides pineapple on the pizza and tabs vs spaces, the color theme of the working environment is a constant topic of discussions and arguing among developers. Truth is, you can hear as many opinions, as many people you ask, and all of them will be right for themselves.

There is something about dark UI that particularly pleases my eyesight. So much so, that I try to install a dark theme on every app I am using. I am glad that Apple thought the same way, and made it so that with Mojave, apps now can offer a dark UI out of the box.

But what about Web pages? Unfortunately, you can’t really switch the design the of every website, because each site’s CSS stylesheet is different and unique. It is up to website owners to detect the user’s UI settings, and offer a corresponding theme. Or, so I thought.

Turns out that there is a solution for that, and one that works equally well for all browsers. It is called Dark Reader and it is a simple browser extension, which you can turn on an off at will, or set up a whitelist, which will turn dark mode only for certain sites. The more advanced users can even mess with the default re-styling rules, creating new themes that suit their unique needs.

Dark Reader for Google Chrome