And the closest nuclear war encounter, few people really know about.

My recent jump into the topic began with a German TV series, called Deutschland 83, which I was initially reluctantly about, but simply could not stop watching until the end of the first season.

Without spoiling the drama, the series tells the story of a DDR spy who plays a role in the prevention of one of the closest nuclear war encounters in Cold War history. I cannot judge how much of what is shown in the series is factologically true. There are documents and human sources however, which suggest that Soviet Union was on the verge of pulling the trigger, having panicked about a 1983 NATO exercise, called Able Archer. Only a matter of sheer luck and good amount of reasoning, helped prevent the calamity from actually taking place.

I found a very interesting podcast on the topic, which helps give a fresh on how political games between the U.S. and Russia have played out historically, and draws parallels with the current situation.

2 Cents: This series made me think a lot about whether, despite (or maybe precisely because of) social media and much of the technological innovation of the past decade, civil societies have become weaker in expressing their protests. Don't get me wrong, there still are protests happening across the world, and my deepest respect to people standing up to defend their opinion. It just feels different.  When I see footage from the old days, I see people determined to change things, and not having their heads buried in their phones. Somehow, it seems to me that we have become so preoccupied with ourselves, that we have let our civil guards down, in exchange for a sense of safety, driven by our belief that technology's ultimate goal is to make humanity a better place. From my position of dealing with technology on a daily basis, I just wish that are a little bit more watchful when it comes to it. End 2 Cents

Before I go watch the second season (which takes place 3 years after the events of Season 1), I will leave a reference to a playlist I found on YouTube. Ignoring the terrible quality, it should give you a glimpse of the music played throughout the series. Lots of 80s-inspired lyrics, drum machines, and heavy synths (awesome).