A new (old) blog, a weekend trip to Prague, and a few fervent tweets...

A New (Old) blog

This week, I released my new blog (the one you are reading right now). I have moved back to Ghost. I tried my best to keep a version based on statically-generated content, and Jekyll is really good for this, but at one point, fiddling around with the blog became too much. I have been looking for an option that would let me write and create content at any time and at any place. Ghost is by far the most frictionless blogging platform I have used.

I have checked out a few hosting options, including Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, but nothing really beats the simplicity and ease of maintenance of DigitalOcean's One-Click Ghost option.

A Weekend Trip to Prague

During the weekend, I took a trip to Prague, my third overall, and the first one during the winter. As always, I remained mesmerized by the city, and would like to return to it many more times, even live there for a longer period of time. The rest of my impressions, I have shared in a separate post.

The view from outside the AirBnB my friends and I had booked for the weekend

A Few Fervent Tweets

This week, I was particularly active on Twitter: