Weekly Notes

Got comments?

It’s one of those weeks, where you got to build an almost fully functioning product from ground zero. I think, I’ve really missed this kind of thrill in the last couple of years. I don't know where this new journey will take me, but I've decided to follow and see for myself. Looking forward to upcoming challenges. 🚀

That said, here is one quote from the book: “Nikola Tesla: Imagination and the Man That Invented the 20th Century”, which I think is very relevant:

Opportunities are whispers, not foghorns.
If we can’t hear their soft rhythms - if we are to busy rushing about, waiting for thunderclaps of revelation, inspiration, and certainty - or if we can spot them but can’t nurture them into real advantages, then we might as well be blind to them.

And one from Louis Pasteur:

Chance favors the prepared mind.


Besides projects, this week was also very prolific in terms of writing. I published my first ever tutorial on Python, which had nothing to with data science. It is about designing and structuring APIs in Flask, using an extension library called Flask-RestPlus. The post is available on Medium, and of course, on this blog.

Update: A few hours after publishing the link on Reddit, the post become sort of viral. I am very excited about the good reception, and am more than determined to finish and publish Part 2 as soon as possible.


I started reading a new book and am almost at the half of it. The book is called "The Breakthrough: Immunotherapy and the Race to Cure Cancer"  by Charles Graeber. The book is a fascinating read, written in a rather non-scientific tone. It discusses the hardships that the field of cancer immunology has had to go through, to prove to the world that the body's own defense mechanism can be an effective cure against anything, including cancer. Even to this day, the medical society remains divided among those who believe that this is possible, and others who concern the attempt to turn the body against itself, a form of charlatanism.

I tend to believe that this is possible