This morning, I finished my fourth half marathon for this year. Technically, it was all self-organised, so it does not count as a real half-marathon, but hey, I did run the distance, didn’t I?

In spite of my hopes for conquering my longest distance so far (23.1 km), this time, even the 21K felt excruciatingly painful. Perhaps, it was the unusually hot weather in Germany, perhaps the fact that I forgot to take any water, sugar, or any kind of food supplement to energize me along the way (stupid, heh). Or I should just be honest with myself and face the truth. Those past three weeks have been a time of taking some future-facing career decisions for me. Although, the outcome seems to be very positive, it has been very tiring thinking about the past, present and future consequences of my decisions. I can’t wait to finally close this chapter, and move forward. I am sure that my running score will show it as well.

Some photos:

This is where it all started from. Near the Zoo in Thalkirchen.

And this is how it ended. With my feet dipped into the fresh cold Eisbach water.

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